Gales Fire Door Solutions can help you satisfy current fire door legislation. We carry out detailed Fire Door inspections and certified Fire Door maintenance. To discuss your requirements call 01427 613467

Fire Door Maintenance
Fire door maintenance is critical for the fire safety of the building. Fire doors should be checked at least once every six months.

Fire Door Installation
Fire door assemblies and doorsets should be installed correctly to ensure their fire integrity rating and over all performance and reliability.

Why fit a new Fire Door?
Buildings are compartmentalised to delay fire from spreading from one area to another. The compartments are linked by doors allowing the passage of traffic around the building.

Doorsets have two important functions: 1) in a fire, they form a closed barrier to fire spread and 2) when open they provide a means of escape.

All of our fire doors are tested to the appropriate regulations, to provide you with absolute assurance that our doors are fit for purpose, guaranteeing your building's safety.

Fire Door Specialists
Gales Fire Door Solutions are a specialist Fire Door installation company.

We offer Fire doors in standard sizes or made to measure, double or single leaf in a wide range of security specifications.

Due to advances in technology, fire doors are now available in a number of designs and finishes. Allowing us to offer a wide range of fire doors that match many standard door ranges.

There is a legal requirement for those responsible for buildings under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order ensure that all fire doors retain the ability to resist the passage of fire throughout their lifespan.

The responsibilities of Building Managers and Landlords are clear and failure to comply with this regulation may result in prosecution, fines and in severe cases, imprisonment.

We will carry out an inspection, repair or replace your building's fire doors to approved standards, ensuring your building Fire Doors are compliant with current legislation and meet insurance criteria.

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