If you’re a care home proprietor or designated “Responsible Person” for fire safety in a building you are responsible for the protection of residents and staff in the home from the risk of fire.  It is your duty to ensure that all passive and active fire protection is under a sustained, suitable and sufficient programme of inspection and maintenance.

Our Fire Door Inspection Services
Gales Fire Door solutions offer a professional and expert fire door inspection service. Our Fire Door Inspectors are BMTRADA Q Mark certified to carry out the inspection of your building’s fire doors and prepare a detailed inspection and report on the condition and function of the fire doors on your premise

Why are the fire doors in your building so important?
Fire doors save lives and protect property.
Effective fire doors are essential to ensure that occupants can evacuate a burningbuildingswiftlyandsafely;  avoidingpotentially tragic consequences.
Care homes often house vulnerable people who may not be physically or mentally prepared for a speedy evacuation therefore in these environments escape routes require even greater protection, and fire doors are probably the single most important element in giving people enough time to safely evacuate the care home.

Are the fire doors in your building safe?
A fire door is not just the door leaf. It is a completeassemblycomprisingtheframe, any glazing, intumescent fire and smoke seals and all the ironmongery that is used on the door, such as hinges, overhead door closers, latches and locks.
Just like other life safety devices, such as fire extinguishers and alarms, fire doors and final escape doors need regular, expert inspection and maintenance to ensure that they will perform as intended in the event of a fire.