We inspect and service Fire doors for hospitals and primary care facilities

Fire doors for hospitals and other healthcare facilities

Healthcare facilities can present specific requirements for fire doors and fire doorsets. Legislation and building regulations surrounding the specification of fire doors for hospitals can vary, but will include:

  •     Fire resistance
  •     Smoke control
  •     X-Ray shielding
  •     Sound reduction
  •     Security

For Primary Care facilities: patients and general public access these facilities – and special needs requirements are of great importance. Controlled access capabilities are often a necessity, plus standard fire door requirements.

For public areas: doorsets must be durable and combine fire protection with accessibility (as per BS 8300). At the same time, doorsets should contribute to the overall internal design concept, helping to create a pleasant and therapeutically enhanced environment.

For patient areas: technical constraints associated with X-rays, electromagnetic fields and lasers influence the capability requirements placed on fire doors. Surgical and radiodiagnostic teams are consolidating into combined suites, which is presenting new challenges. Specialised doorsets are available combining X-ray, electromagnetic or laser protection with other performance characteristics while incorporating design considerations that match other doorsets used in a healthcare facilities.

For non-patient areas: specific hygiene, infection control and containment requirements include air movement management and cleanliness routines. Fire doors for areas to which the general public do not have access frequently feature smooth surfaces, post formed door edges and frame sections, and sealed vision panels.